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 March 1972 Marina General story
  March 1972 Marina General description features
  March 1972 Marina How it rates
 March 1972 Marina How it rates Parts Labour
 March 1972 Marina Specs
 March 1972 Marina safety
 March 1972 Marina-Morris 1500replacement
 March 1972 Official Name Change
  March 1972 Marina Fleet sales
 April 1972 Leyland in Caravan Rally
 April 1972 New appointments
 April 1972 range rover success
 May 1972 New Leyland appointment
 May 1972 New marketing appointment
 May 1972 another new appointmant
 May 1972 Latest Marina Model
 May 1972 Leyland Buys INNOCENTI
 May 1972 Leyland Merger NZ
 May 1972 Leyland passes Datsun Toyota
 May 1972 Marina first month
 May 1972 Trans America exp on final leg
 June 1972 Kimberly Tasman
 June 1972 Leyland market share increases
 June 1972 Marinas Make a splash at Wimbeldon
 June 1972 Moke exports expand
 June 1972 New Chairman For Leyland
 June 1972 Trans America Expedition Success
 July 1972 Britians safest car gets V12
 July 1972 fastest Marina in the world
 July 1972 Parts by computer
 July 1972 V12 Daimler
 August 1972 Leyland marketing appointment
 August 1972 Leyland Specialist Cars in Demand
 August 1972 Marina Success continues
 September 1972 P76 machinery goes in
 September 1972 New Land Rover
 October 1972 3 millionth Mini
 October 1972 Jag V12 Voted best car
 October 1972 Son of Cooper S
 October 1972 you dont call a spade a spade
 November  1972 MGB Production ends
 November 1972 B Laid to rest
 November 1972 Big 7 meet on world car problems
 November 1972 Mini on right track
Motor Industry News
 Leyland Australia
Motor Industry News
 Leyland Australia
Febuary 1973 Leyland market share increase
 March 1973 Leyland market share highest in 2 years
 April 1973 Mini Mini S
 April 1973 Updated Range Rover
 June 1973 Leyland registration Buoyant
 August 1973 P76 First word
 August 1973 First Australian order for unique National Bus
 August 1973 Its Official MGB V8
 August 1973 Its official Worlds safest Bus
 September 1973 Marina on Top
 September 1973 Large Goverment Bus order
 November 1973  Dual Purpose Marina
 November 1973 Marina tops UK registrations